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  • Goldschmidt (Ernst Philip), 1887-1954
    Sarpedon (pseudonym of Ernst Philip Goldschmidt, 1887-1954)

    London, Macmillan & Co., 1942
    (19.5 cm), v (1), 176 (2) pp. Publisher’s cloth, printed dust jacket. - “In the view of the author of this small book, the old liberal economic system, built upon a free gold system, died in 1914. The new system is partly a consequence of the changes in the position of the State then introduced, partly also a consequence of the changed attitude of individuals to the State. The State used to be regarded as something outside one’s ordinary work-a-day life. It is now regarded as a super trade union cum labour exchange which has the responsibility for educating the young, placing them suitably in industry, and providing them with work until the time comes for the old-age pension. England’s wealth was built upon international trade. The problem is how to reconcile that basis of wealth with the new attitude to free enterprise. The author suggests the possibility of using the technique and experience of international combines and cartels as a foundation on which to build international trade agreements more closely directed to the interests of the State.” (from a review in The Economic Journal, volume 52, December 1942, p.414). ¶ Excellent copy.
  • Carswell (John), 1918-1997

    London, Cresset Press, 1961
    (22 cm), xii, 314 pp., [4] leaves of plates (nos.I-VIII). Publisher’s cloth, dust jacket. - “Second impression, January 1961”. ¶ Endpapers partly discoloured from the binders’ adhesive; a fine, unmarked copy.
  • Sutherland (Lucy Stuart), Dame, 1903-1980

    London, Frank Cass & Company, 1962
    (22.5 cm), viii, 164 pp. Publisher’s cloth, dust jacket. - Concerned with the activities of William Braund, merchant, ship-owner, shipping insurer, Director of the East India Company and of the Sun Fire Office. “A study of William Braund himself would be of little interest; there is nothing in him or his life that raises him above his type. A study of certain aspects of commercial life in the eighteenth century through the medium of his activities seems, on the other hand, both interesting and valuable” (from the author’s Preface). Reprint of first edition (Oxford University Press, 1933). ¶ Very good, unmarked copy.
  • Fondazione Luigi Einaudi (Turin), Biblioteca
    Franceschi Spinazzola (Dora)

    Turin, Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, 1981-1991
    Three volumes (31 cm), I (1981): xxxi, 473 pp. Catalogue nos. 1-3147. II (1981): pp.474-954, [23] leaves of plates. Catalogue nos. 3148-6258. III (1991): xv, 224 pp., [8] leaves of plates. Catalogue nos. A.1-A.1000. Uniform publisher’s blue cloth, printed dust jackets, original plain slipcase (for vols. I-II). ¶ Few defects to slipcase. Fine, unmarked set.
  • Barucci (Piero); Carpenter (Kenneth E.), born 1936; Calcagni Abrami (Artemisia); Rogers (Ruth Reinstein)
    Harvard University, Kress Library of Business and Economics

    Rome, Banco di Roma, 1985
    Two volumes (23 cm), I: xxii, 230 pp. II: (4), pp.231-490. Uniform publisher’s printed wrappers. - Chronologically arranged catalogue of 1203 Italian books in the Kress Collection of Business and Economics, Baker Library, Harvard University. ¶ Excellent, unmarked copy.
  • Fennell (Edward A.)
    Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

    London, Institute of Chartered Accountants, 1994
    (21 × 30 cm), 28 pp., 20 illustrations. Publisher’s wrappers. - Discussion of Pacioli’s compendium of mathematical and business techniques, Summa de arithmetica, Geometria, proportioni e proportionalita (1494), with reproductions from the two copies in the Library of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. “Useful pamphlet on this mathematician and pioneer of double-entry book-keeping” (The English Historical Review, volume 109, November 1994, p.1355). ¶ Very good, unmarked copy.