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Goldschmidt (Ernst Philip), 1887-1954
Sarpedon (pseudonym of Ernst Philip Goldschmidt, 1887-1954)

England's service : by Sarpedon

London, Macmillan & Co., 1942
(19.5 cm), v (1), 176 (2) pp. Publisher’s cloth, printed dust jacket. - “In the view of the author of this small book, the old liberal economic system, built upon a free gold system, died in 1914. The new system is partly a consequence of the changes in the position of the State then introduced, partly also a consequence of the changed attitude of individuals to the State. The State used to be regarded as something outside one’s ordinary work-a-day life. It is now regarded as a super trade union cum labour exchange which has the responsibility for educating the young, placing them suitably in industry, and providing them with work until the time comes for the old-age pension. England’s wealth was built upon international trade. The problem is how to reconcile that basis of wealth with the new attitude to free enterprise. The author suggests the possibility of using the technique and experience of international combines and cartels as a foundation on which to build international trade agreements more closely directed to the interests of the State.” (from a review in The Economic Journal, volume 52, December 1942, p.414). ¶ Excellent copy.

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