Union Académique Internationale
Cranz (F. Edward), 1914-1998, editor-in-chief; Kristeller (Paul Oskar), 1905-1999, associate editor

Catalogus translationum et commentariorum : Mediaeval and Renaissance Latin translations and commentaries, annotated lists and guides. Volume III

Washington, DC, Catholic University of America Press, 1976
(26 cm), xvi, 486 pp. Publisher’s printed wrappers. - A basic tool for researching the textual transmission of ancient authors through commentaries and translations of their works, at its best in sketching the past importance of now-forgotten authors. This volume contains articles on Arrianus (by Philip A. Stadter), Dionysius Periegetes (George B. Parks and F. Edward Cranz), Musici Scriptores Graeci (F. Alberto Gallo), Priscianus Lydus (Charles B. Schmitt), Thessalus astrologus (David Pingree), Caesar (Virginia Brown), Claudianus (Amy K. Clark and Harry L. Levy), Columella (Virginia Brown), Palladius (R.H. Rodgers), Persius (Dorothy Robathan and F. Edward Cranz, with the assistance of Paul Oskar Kristeller and with a contribution by Bernard Bischoff), Petronius (A. Fred Sochatoff), Silius Italicus (Edward L. Bassett, Joseph Delz, and A. J. Dunston), Vitruvius (Lucia Ciapponi), and addenda et corrigenda on various previously published articles. ¶ Superior copy in new condition.

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