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Complete set in faultless condition
British Museum, Department of Printed Books
Pollard (Alfred W.), 1859-1944; Scholderer (Victor), 1880-1971; Sheppard (Leslie Alfred), 1890-1985; Hellinga (Lotte), born 1932; Rhodes (Dennis E.), 1923-2020; Offenberg (Adriaan K.), born 1939, compilers

Catalogue of books printed in the XVth century now in the British Museum

London (’t Goy-Houten, The Netherlands), Trustees of the British Museum (latterly, British Library; HES & De Graaf Publishers BV), 1963-2007

Thirteen parts in fifteen volumes (38.5 cm), complete. I. Xylographica and books printed with types at Mainz, Strassburg, Bamberg and Cologne (originally published 1908). xxviii, 312, 12 pp. and plates 1-29 (parts I-III paged continuously). II. Germany: Eltvil - Trier (originally published 1912). xvii, 313-620, 13-22 pp. and plates 30-59 (parts I-III paged continuously). III. Germany: Leipzig - Pforzheim. German-speaking Switzerland and Austria-Hungary (originally published 1913). xl, 621-864, 23-30 pp. and plates 60-78 (parts I-III paged continuously). IV: Italy: Subiaco and Rome (originally published 1916). 16, xvi, 145, 10 pp. and plates 1-13 (parts IV-VII paged continuously). V: Italy: Venice (originally published 1924). liv, 147-598, 11-26 pp. and plates 14-41 (parts IV-VII paged continuously). VI: Italy: Foligno, Ferrara, Florence, Milan, Bologna, Naples, Perugia and Treviso (originally published 1930). l, 599-899, 27-37 pp. and plates 42-72 (parts IV-VII paged continuously). VII: Italy: Genoa. Unassigned. Addenda (originally published 1935). lxxxviii, 901-1213, 37-50 pp. and plates 73-109 (parts IV-VII paged continuously). VIII: France. French-speaking Switzerland (originally published 1949). lxxxvii, 441, 21 pp. and 72 plates. IX: Holland. Belgium (originally published 1962). 308 pp. (various pagings). X: Spain. Portugal (1971). lxxv, 92, (2), 6 pp. 20 plates. XI: England (2007). x, 507 pp. XII: Italy. Supplement (1985). x, 93 pp., 8 plates. XIII. Hebraica (2004). lxxi, 288 pp. 50 leaves with facsimiles and other illustrations. [XIV]: Facsimiles, Parts I-III. Illustrating types used in Germany, German-speaking Switzerland and Austria-Hungary (originally published 1913). 30 pp. [XV]: Facsimiles, Parts IV-VII (originally published 1916). 50 pp. Uniform publisher’s printed boards (vols. I-X, XIV-XV), publisher’s cloth (XI-XIII).

Complete set, providing descriptions of some 10,500 editions. “Every profession, it seems, possesses one supreme work of reference… unequalled by any other work in the same field. For incunabulists (indeed, for all bibliographers), there is the British Museum’s catalogue of incunabula” (from a review by Curt F. Bühler of volume IX, in The Book Collector, Winter 1962, p.489). “Perhaps no other collection of any type of book has had a catalogue that has become such a standard work in its field, used as much as an authoritative bibliography as a record of holdings (from a review by Martin Davies of volume XI in The Book Collector, Summer 2007, p.191). Parts I-VIII (10 volumes) are in the lithographic reprint issued in 1963; the remaining volumes in original editions. Vols. XI and XIII only are in print, each €1041 (; link). ¶ In fine state of preservation, virtually as new.

£ 5,000


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British Museum, Department of Printed Books
Hellinga, Lotte, born 1932, compiler
Offenberg, Adriaan K., born 1939, compiler
Pollard, Alfred W., 1859-1944, editor
Rhodes, Dennis E., 1923-2020, compiler
Scholderer, Victor, 1880-1971, compiler
Sheppard, Leslie Alfred, 1890-1985, compiler
British Library