Colvin (Howard Montagu), 1919-2007, editor

The History of the King's works

London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1963-1973
Six volumes (25 cm) and two boxes of plans, Volumes I-II (The Middle Ages, compiled by R. Allen Brown, H.M. Colvin and A.J. Taylor, 1963): 1139 pp., 52 plates. Volume III (1485-1660, compiled by H.M. Colvin, D.R. Ransome and John Summerson, 1975): 469 pp., 45 plates. Volume IV (1485-1660, compiled by H.M. Colvin, John Summerson, Martin Biddle, J.R. Hale and Marcus Merriman, 1982): 826 pp., 52 plates. Volume V (1660-1782, compiled by H.M. Colvin, J. Mordaunt Crook, Downes and John Newman, 1976): 535 pp., 69 plates. Volume VI (1782-1851, compiled by Mordaunt Crook and M.H. Port, 1973): 744 pp., 66 plates. Plans: 7 large scale plans, I-IV (1963) in a plan box, V-VII (1982) in plastic folder, as issued. - An account of public building in England covering the period from the Middle Ages until the reforms of 1782, which marked the end of the Office of the King’s Works as it had existed since the 16th century. ¶ Immaculate copy of a monument of 20th-century scholarship.


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Architecture, British
Colvin, Howard Montagu, 1919-2007, editor
9780116702869 (vol. 6)
9780116705686 (vol. 3)
9780116705716 (vol. 5)
9780116708328 (vol. 4)