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Sotheby & Co. (London)
Catalogue of calligraphic books and manuscripts, the property of Mrs. E.F. Hutton, New York … including a very fine and large manuscript written for Richelieu by Nicolas Jarry; a writing book of four Nürnberg Masters, including Paul Franck, compiled by Hans Georg Schwingsharlein, 1585; Neudörffer, Gesprechbuchlein, 1549, and other works, with 13 fine pages of specimens in Neudörffer’s hand; a very fine illustrated manuscript of coinage in circulation in the Holy Roman Empire, written by a master of the Nürnberg School for Rudolph II, 1601; the manuscript of Florez, Methodo facil del arte de escrivir, probably written for Philip III of Spain, 1614; a richly illuminated Garter manuscript for Henry, Prince of Wales; and manuscripts by Valerio Spada, the Chevalier de Berny, Caspar Brynner, Hieronymo de Nascimbeni, Graily Hewitt, Dorothy Hutton, and others from the eleventh century to the present day. Printed books, including works by Allais, Amphiareo, Andrade de Gigueiredo, Baurenfeind, Bickham, Curione, Josse de Hondt, Lesgret, Luis de Olod, Ortiz, Palatino, Scalzini, Segaro, Schwandner, Servidori, and Torio (catalogue for an auction conducted by Sotheby & Co., London, 27 March 1972)
London, Sotheby & Co., 1972

£ 22

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