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Printing in Europe, 1601-1800: Low CountriesThere are 7 items

  • Willems (Alphonse Charles Joseph), 1839-1912

    Brussels & Paris, G.-A. Van Trigt / Adolphe Labitte, 1880
    Two volumes (26 cm), I: cclix (1) pp., plus frontispiece (coat of arms in colour, tissue guardsheet present), 2 plates (bound after pp.lii, clxxxviii), folding facsimile of 1681 type specimen, folding “Tableau généalogique” (printed red & black). II: (4) 607 (1) pp. Uniform cloth-backed marbled paper boards (fragments of original printed wrappers pasted on upper covers). - First edition. “Modeled no doubt on Renouard’s bibliography of the Aldine press, especially its third edition, Willems’s Elzevier bibliography has itself become a model for exactitude of bibliographical description, combined with historical and literary research. It describes 2,186 publications of the Elzevier family of printers, publishers and booksellers, their associates and successors in Leyden, The Hague, Amsterdam, and Brussels, 1583-1770” (B.H. Breslauer & R. Folter, Bibliography: Its History and Development, New York 1984, p.174). ¶ Ink stamps of the Mehrkreisbücherei, Wiesbaden (on title-pages and on folding plates).
  • Van Eeghen (Isabella Henriette), 1913-1996

    Amsterdam, Scheltema & Holkema NV / Nico Israel, 1960-1978
    Five parts in six volumes (24.5 cm), I (Jean Louis de Lorme en zijn copieboek, 1960): 179 (1) pp. II (Uitgaven van Jean Louis de Lorme en familieleden, 1963): 272 (2) pp. III (Gegevens over de vervaardigers, hun internationale relaties en de uitgaven, A-M, 1965): 271 (1) pp. IV (Gegevens over de vervaardigers, hun internationale relaties en de uitgaven, N-W; Papierhandel, drukkerijen en boekverkopers in het algemeen, 1967): 279 (1) pp. V/1-2 (De boekhandel van de Republiek; Summary; Overzichten en Indices, 1978): 550 pp. (consecutively paginated). Uniform publisher’s cloth (issued without dust jacket). - An account of the bookseller and publisher J.L. de Lorme, who dealt in French books at Amsterdam from 1693 to 1711 (reprinting many books banned in France), and of colleagues there also dealing in French books in this period: Joan II and Pieter Blaeu, Daniel Elzevier, Joannes Janssonius van Waesberghe (three generations), Heinrich and Rudolph Wetstein, among them. Contains summaries in English of all the volumes in the set (vol. V/2). ¶ Fine copy, virtually as issued.
  • Peeters-Fontainas (Jean), 1891-1975; Frédéric (Anne-Marie)

    Nieuwkoop, B. de Graaf, 1965; 1977
    Two volumes (24.5 cm), xlii (1), 871 pp. (consecutively paginated), 76 black & white reproductions of title-pages and 171 of printer’s devices. 1413 catalogue entries. Uniform publisher’s green cloth (no dust jackets issued). - A bibliography of Spanish books printed in the Southern Netherlands before 1800, including books printed under fictitious imprints. Contains extensive indices, a chronological list of editions (1520-1785), and reproductions in original size of all printers’ and publishers’ devices.

    Offered with the supplement, published after the death of author by his long-time collaborator, Anne-Marie Frédéric (in De Gulden Passer, volume 55, 1977). ¶ Fine set.

  • Keuning (Johannes), 1881-1957; Donkersloot-De Vrij (Ypkje Marijke), born 1941, editor

    Amsterdam, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd, 1973
    (23 cm), xi, 164 pp., illustrations. Publisher’s boards, dust jacket. - The life and work of the foremost Dutch cartographer and publisher of the 17th century. With a list of non-cartographical works issued by W.J. Blaeu (1571-1638), a description of his globes, a bibliography of his maps, and a facsimile of his own catalogue of non-cartographical works of 1633. ¶ Excellent copy.
  • Lenger (Marie-Thérèse), 1920-1992
    Bibliothèque Royale Albert 1er (Brussels)

    Brussels, Éditions Culture et Civilisation, 1979
    Seven volumes bound in six (29 × 21 cm), I: (8) 1023 (1) pp. II: 1070 pp. III: 1181 (1) pp. IV: 931 (3) pp. V: 909 (1) pp. VI-VII: iv (2), 490 pp.; vi, 500 pp. Very numerous facsimiles of title-pages, printer marks, illustrations. Uniform publisher’s red rexine bindings. - Revised and enlarged edition of material first published in the serial Bibliotheca Belgica, 1880-1967 (in 240 instalments, loose sheets, in 16° format). Included are all books printed in The Netherlands in the 15th and 16th centuries and the principal ones since, books published abroad by Belgian or Dutch authors, those about the Netherlands or printed by printers from the Netherlands. Volumes 1-5 (authors A-Z) reprints the 1964 edition; volume VI (supplement, concordance, and indexes of authors and printers) reprints the 1970 edition; volume VII is the original edition of the Index général, compiled by Joseph De Reuck (1975). ¶ Superior set in new condition.
  • Gruys (Jan Albert), born 1942; Wolf (Clemens de), born 1946

    Nieuwkoop, B. de Graaf, 1980
    (24.5 cm), xvii (1), 172 (4) pp., illustration, folding map. Publisher's cloth. - Alphabetical list of printers and booksellers working in The Netherlands up to 1700, indicating place and period of activity. “In all the Thesaurus contains some 2800 names spread over 75 places” (p.xvii). List of places, organised chronologically according to the date of the first work published. A map of Dutch towns in which printing took place at any time between 1473 and 1700 gives a picture of how printing was spread through the country. The introduction is in Dutch and English. ¶ Excellent copy.
  • British Library
    Simoni (Anna E.C.), 1916-2007, compiler

    London, British Library, 1990
    (24 cm), xviii, 842 pp., illustrations. Publisher’s cloth, printed dust jacket. - The author provides comprehensive titles (not short-titles), transcribes imprints, provides collation or pagination statements, and sometimes notes on illustrations, provenance, and bindings, for about 5000 books. ‘She has put everyone interested in the Dutch/Belgian book of the early seventeenth century under a great obligation by doing what must often have been a soporific chore consisting in reading through the General Catalogue and selecting from it whatever was of importance for the catalogue she had undertaken. Afterwards all this material had to be critically evaluated and then described. Nobody who has never himself done it can truly imagine how laborious such work is… As was to be expected, the holdings of the British Library within the defined limits are again splendid and contain many books not recorded elsewhere. The British Library owns 126 of the 151 Elsevier editions from this period listed by Willems, of the 62 editions of Jan Maire known to me, there are 38… and with the 96 books printed by the Raphelengii a considerable percentage of the total must have been brought together. Such a collection deserves, nay demands, a good catalogue and Anna Simoni has given it to us.’ (from a review by Ronald Breugelmans, in Quaerendo, volume 21, 1991, pp.147-148). Although all the 17th century Dutch imprints held in the British Library are now recorded on the STCN (Short Title Catalogue Netherlands), the indices provided in Simoni’s volume – provenance and subjects, in addition to printing-places and printers – are essential for any thorough interrogation of the Library’s holdings. ¶ Clean tear in dust jacket; otherwise as new.