Search Tips

Keyword searching

To search for a particular book, enter one or more terms in the appropriate Query box(es). Place quotation marks around a phrase to return only those exact words in that order. Use the Plus operator (+), Minus operator (-), or Truncation operator (*) to focus or expand your search. All search terms must contain at least four characters; terms are case-insensitive.

Examples of search strings that use Boolean full-text operators:

Find records that contain the exact phrase.
Find records that contain at least one of the two words.
Find records that contain both words.
Find records that contain the word library and that exclude the word private.
Retrieves architect, architecture, architectural

Search by date

You can limit your search to a specific date range by entering the starting date and ending date in the respective Creation Date Query boxes.

Search by name

To look for a name anywhere in record, enter it in the Names Query box in the sidebar. Select from the drop-down menu to limit your search, or browse the Index Nominum if you are unsure of spelling or do not have a specific name in mind.

Subject searching

Enter a term or phrase in the Subject Query box in the sidebar, or browse the Index Rerum to find the subject heading(s) that best match your topic.

ISBN searching

You may search by ten-digit or thirteen-digit ISBN (International Standard Book Number) simply by entering the ISBN in the ISBN Query box.

Auction sale catalogues

Enter a specific sale date as YYYYMMDD (e.g. 19720606 for June 6, 1972). Using the Truncation operator (*), you can search for sales held in a specific year (e.g. 1972*) or month (e.g. 197206*).

Search by item availability

You can limit your search to Current Inventory, or retrieve records from both Current Inventory and Archive.