Libreria Vinciana (Milan)
Bruni (Roberto L.); Evans (D. Wyn)

Italian seventeenth century books : Indexes of authors, titles, dates, printers and publishers alphabetically and by place, based on the Libreria Vinciana’s Autori italiani del ‘600

Exeter, Exeter University Library, 1984
(21.5 cm), vi, 286 pp., illustrations. Publisher’s printed wrappers. - Original edition of the first index to Sandro Piantanida’s highly useful catalogue, Autori italiani del ‘600: Catalogo bibliografico (Milan 1948-1951), containing details of about 6500 items, and as far as seventeenth-century Italian books are concerned still one of the largest catalogues available. Indexes of Names; Titles; Printers and Publishers; Places of printing; Chronological index; Manuscripts. ¶ Excellent copy.