Bellini (Paolo), born 1938
Civica Raccolta delle Stampe Achille Bertarelli (Milan)

L'opera incisa di Adamo e Diana Scultori (catalogue of an exhibition held at the Civica Raccolta delle Stampe A. Bertarelli, Milan, 21 February-30 April 1991)

Vicenza, Neri Pozza Editore S.p.A., 1991
(24 cm), 308 pp., 345 illustrations. Publisher’s pictorial wrappers. - Catalogue of the production of the Mantuan printmakers Adamo (166 prints by, 7 after) and Diana Scultori (77 prints), with some works by Giovanni Battista Scultori, Giorgio Ghisi, Pietro Facchetti, and Andrea Andreani. Substantial new information is contributed in a review by Valeria Pagani, in Print Quarterly, volume 10 (1992), pp.72-87. ¶ As new.