Publications of Dennis E. Rhodes : A Collection of Offprints, 1954-2007 View larger
Rhodes (Dennis E.), 1923-2020

Publications of Dennis E. Rhodes : A Collection of Offprints, 1954-2007

Charlottesville, London, Mainz, etc., 1954-2007
Comprehensive archive of the publications of the late Dennis Everard Rhodes, MA PhD FSA. The 322 offprints are organised according to checklists prepared by Denis V. Reidy, “Bibliography of the published works of Dennis E. Rhodes, to the end of September 1992” (in The Italian Book 1465-1800: Studies presented to Dennis E. Rhodes on his 70th birthday, edited by Denis V. Reidy, London: The British Library, 1993, pp.363-386); Alessandro Scarsella, “Metodologia bibliografica e storia del libro” (in Miscellanea Marciana 9-10, 1995-1996, pp.6-8), and Carlo Dumontet, “Bibliografia delle pubblicazioni di Dennis E. Rhodes: fine 1996-marzo 2013” (in La Bibliofilia 115, 2013, pp.227-234). ¶ In the publishers’ printed wrapper, or as issued, and mostly in perfect state of preservation. The numerals in ink on covers were added by D.E. Rhodes.


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Printing - Italy
Rhodes, Dennis E., 1923-2020
Publications of Dennis E. Rhodes

A Collection of offprints, 1954–2007

322 offprints (various formats), in the publishers’ printed wrapper, or as issued, and mostly in perfect state of preservation. The numerals in ink on covers were added by D.E. Rhodes.


(nos. 1–439)
Denis V. Reidy, ‘Bibliography of the published works of Dennis E. Rhodes, to the end of September 1992’ in The Italian Book 1465–1800: Studies presented to Dennis E. Rhodes on his 70th birthday, edited by Denis V. Reidy (London: The British Library, 1993), pp.363–386

scarsella (nos. 440–473)
Alessandro Scarsella, in ‘Metodologia bibliografica e storia del libro’ in Miscellanea Marciana 9–10 (1995–1996), pp.6–8

dumontet (nos. 474–565)
Carlo Dumontet, ‘Bibliografia delle pubblicazioni di Dennis E. Rhodes: fine 1996–marzo 2013’ in La Bibliofilia 115 (2013), pp.227–234


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The British Museum’s copy of a rare book from Brescia: a problem in dating [Giordano Ruffo, Arte de cognoscere la natura d’ cauael, translated by Gabriele Buono, Brescia: Thomas Ferrandus, c. 1504]
from: Studies in Bibliography 6 (1954), pp.231–232
¶ Inscribed ‘V.S. [Victor Scholderer] from D.E.R. 4/54’
Reidy 6


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
To Victor Scholderer, a birthday greeting [checklist of Scholderer’s publications, 1900–1955, compiled to honour his 75th birthday]
from: The Library, fifth series, 10 (1955), pp.153–162
Reidy 20

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Filippo Nuvolone of Mantua, 1436–1478. A supplement to the work of Giuseppe Zonta
from: Rinascimento 5 (1954), pp.294–298
Reidy 22


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Variants in the 1479 Oxford Edition of Aristotle’s Ethics
from: Studies in Bibliography 8 (1956), pp.209–211
Reidy 24

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Santiago de Compostela and its early indulgences [seven printed 1497–1505 are listed]
from: The Library, fifth series, 11 (1956), pp.41–44
¶ Argues printing brought to Santiago de Compostela about 1578; copy annotated by author: ‘N.B. – F.J. Norton later proved that my conclusions were wrong’.
Reidy 25

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Two notable acquisitions of Spanish Incunabla [St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentum in libros Ethicorum Aristotelis (Barcelona: Peter Brun & Nicolaus Spindeler, 15 June 1478); Nicolaus Perottus, Rudimenta grammaticae (Barcelona: Johannes de Salsburga & Paulus (Hurus) de Constantia, 12 December 1475)]
from: British Museum Quarterly 20 (1956), pp.56–57
Reidy 27

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The first Karen dictionary [Jonathan Wades’ dictionary, printed 1843–1844 at the press of the American Baptist Mission at Tavoy]
from: British Museum Quarterly 20 (1956), pp.58–59
Reidy 28

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The “Quodlibeta” of Petrus Joannes Olivi [printed at Venice by Lazaro de’ Soardi c. 1505; wrongly considered an incunable by Copinger 4986 and Reichling III, p.161]
from: Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 50 (1956), pp.85–87
Reidy 29

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A bibliography of Mantua. I. 1472–1498
from: La Bibliofilia 57 (1955), pp.173–187
Reidy 30

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Volcanoes, variants, and the S.T.C. [STC 13147, printed by John Wolfe in 1592; supplements his ‘A Volcano for the S.T.C.’ in The Library, fifth series, 9 (1954), pp.265–267 (Reidy 12)]
from: The Library, fifth series, 11 (1956), pp.282–283
Reidy 34


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Provost Argentine of King’s and his books
from: Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society 2 (1956), no. 3, pp.205–212
Reidy 35

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Alcune opere introvabili di Colantonio Dentice
from: Rinascimento 6 (1955), pp.372–374
Reidy 36

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Monumenta Ordinis Fratrum Minorum [constitutions and papal privileges of the Franciscan Order in Spain, formerly ascribed to Lyon, Cleyn, 1504; here shown to be published at Leipzig, by Lotter, 1506–1510]
from: Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 50 (1956), pp.375–378
Reidy 37

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The early bibliography of Southern Italy, V: Foggia [1645–1669], Manfredonia [1680] and Barletta [1647]
from: La Bibliofilia 58 (1956), pp.129–132
Reidy 38

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Errori tipografici in una edizione cosentina del XVI secolo [Cosimo Morelli’s Rime, printed by Andrea Riccio in 1595]
from: Calabria Nobilissima 10 (1956), nos.31–32, pp.97–101
Reidy 39

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A bibliography of Mantua. II: 1507–1521. III: Venturino Ruffinelli, 1544–1558
from: La Bibliofilia 58 (1956), pp.161–175
Reidy 40

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Works of Italian interest published in Great Britain January–December 1956
from: Italian Studies 12 (1957), pp.131–142
Reidy 42

Rhodes (Dennis E.
La Bibliofilia
from: The Library Chronicle (University of Pennsylvania) 23 (1957), pp.42–46
Reidy 43

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Accertamenti su di un incunabolo di Pico della Mirandola [Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Epistolae Aureae after 1495 (Hain 12995), wrongly given to a Mantua press in the catalogue of the Biblioteca Marciana]
from: Lettere Italiane 9 (1957), pp.194–195
Reidy 44

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A French refugee at Ludlow in 1800 [three books by J.F.O. Doudouit, French master at Ludlow Grammar School]
from: Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological Society 55 (1955–1956), pp.174–176
Reidy 45

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A bibliography of Mantua. IV: Giacomo Ruffinelli, 1547–1589
from La Bibliofilia 59 (1957), pp.23–34
Reidy 47


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The continuity of typographical material in a group of early Salamanca books [successively in the hands of an anonymous printer of 1499; Juan de Porras; Hans Giesser; Laurentius de Liondedeis, a press he operated jointly with Alphonsus de Porras, and an anonymous printer working until c. 1530]
from: The Library Chronicle 24 (1958), pp.13–17
Reidy 50

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The first book printed at Bari: additional notes [continues ‘The first book printed at Bari’ in Studies in Bibliography 7 (1955), pp.208–211 (Reidy 13)]
from: Studies in Bibliography 11 (1958), pp.227–228
Reidy 53

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Miscellanea di scritti vari in memoria di Alfonso Gallo (Florence 1956) [book reviewed includes articles by Alfred Carter on Giorgio Reverdino; articles on the C15 libraries of the monasteries of S. Domenico at Perugia and S. Romano at Lucca]
from: The Journal of Documentation (ASLIB) 14 (1958), pp.22–23
Reidy 54

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Jacobino Suigo vendicato a Vercelli ed incriminato a Lione [printer at Venice 1475–1485, thereafter at San Germano, Vercelli, Chivasso, Venice, Turin, and Lyon]
from: La Bibliofilia 59 (1957), pp.113–118
Reidy 56

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A bibliography of Mantua. V: Philoterpses and Clidanus Philoponi [active at Mantua 1562–1569]
from: La Bibliofilia 59 (1957), pp.143–146
Reidy 57

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: F.J. Norton, Italian printers, 1501–1520. An annotated list, with an introduction (London 1958)
from: Italian Studies 13 (1958), pp.118–121
Reidy 58

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The Remorse of Conscience [anonymous poem in the form of a dialogue between God and Man, STC 20882–20883, printed c. 1510 and c. 1515]
from: The Library, fifth series, 13 (1958), pp.199–200
Reidy 63


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The early bibliography of Southern Italy: VI: Brindisi [with an addendum note on Foggia]
from: La Bibliofilia 61 (1959), pp.52–54
Reidy 67

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
An unrecorded Dutch Indulgence of 1487 [printed before 26 April by the Printer of the Indulgence of 1486]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1959, pp.61–62
Reidy 68

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Ernesto Gorini, Edizioni vercellesi del Seicento (Parma 1958) [‘there is no doubt that Vercelli books of the seventeenth-century are all rare: I have yet to find one in the British Isles’]
from: The Library, fifth series, 14 (1959), pp.141–142
Reidy 69

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Libellus de natura animalium. A fifteenth century Bestiary. Reproduced in facsimile with an introduction by J.I. Davis (London 1958) [printed 1508]
from: The Library, fifth series, 14 (1959), pp.220–221
Reidy 71

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Two editions of Pelbartus de Temesvár [his Pomerium de Sanctis printed by Johann Otmar at Augsburg c. 1502–1504; his Sermones de Tempore printed at Lyon by Jacobus Sacon for Anton Koberger of Nuremberg 1509]
from: British Museum Quarterly 21 (1959), pp.87–88
Reidy 74


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A post-incunable edition of Aesop [GKW 437b, probably printed c. 1515]
from: The Library, fifth series, 15 (1960), pp.281–282
Reidy 75

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The early bibliography of Southern Italy. VII: Montefusculo, Benevento and Avelino
from: La Bibliofilia 61 (1959), pp.243–251
Reidy 77

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Some documents printed by Pynson for St. Botolph’s, Boston, Lincs.
from: The Library, fifth series, 15 (1960), pp.53–57
Reidy 79

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Two editions of a pseudo-Augustinian text and their manuscript background [GKW 2991; Paris: Vascosan, 1533]
from: British Museum Quarterly 21 (1959), pp.87–88
Reidy 81

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The early ownership of a Milanese incunable [Battista Fregoso, Anteros, Milan 1496]
from: British Museum Quarterly 22 (1960), pp.11–12
Reidy 82

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
An anonymous volume of sixteenth-century poems [printed at Milan by Antonio or Giovanni Antonio da Borgo (wrongly attributed by Casali to the Marcolini press), with woodcut device (a tree with a snake entwined around the trunk, motto: ‘Ex morte foetus’) of the author]
from: Italian Studies 15 (1960), pp.75–83
Reidy 83

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Works of Italian interest published in Great Britain January–December 1959
from: Italian Studies 15 (1960), pp.102–111
Reidy 84

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Anat Kakba Priolkar, The Printing press in India, its beginnings and early development (Bombay 1958)
from: The Library, fifth series, 15 (1960), pp.149–150
Reidy 86

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Victor Scholderer ottantenne
from: La Bibliofilia 62 (1960), pp.175–176
Reidy 88

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Luigi Balsamo, Giovann’ Angelo Scinzenzeler, tipografo in Milano (1500–1526) (Florence 1959)
from: The Library, fifth series, 15 (1960), pp.216–218
Reidy 90


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Libri viterbesi scomparsi dei secoli XVI e XVII
from: Biblioteca degli Ardenti della città di Viterbo. Studi e ricerche nel 150° della fondazione (Viterbo: Agnesotti, 1960), pp.39–47
Reidy 93

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The early bibliography of Southern Italy, VIII: Capua and Aversa
from: La Bibliofilia 62 (1961), pp.290–292
Reidy 94

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The historical bibliography of India: an interim survey
from: The Literary Half-Yearly (Mysore), 2 (January 1961), pp.11–17
Reidy 95

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Two Estienne dictionaries [printed Paris 1531 and 1536, the latter owned by Sébastien Châteillon; both books bought from the Earl of Leicester (Holkham Hall) in April 1959; other books from Holkham inscribed by Basel humanists are mentioned]
from: The Library, fifth series, 16 (1961), March, pp.48–50
Reidy 97

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Works of Italian interest published in Great Britain January–December 1960
from: Italian Studies 16 (1961), pp.119–130
Reidy 98

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Some rare Milanese editions of Virgil [printed by Antonius Zarotus for Johannes de Legnano 1482; printed by Leonardus Pachel 1493; printed by Alexander Minutianus for Nicolaus de Gorgonzola 1508; printed by G.A. Scinzenzeler for G.G. da Legnano 1515]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1961, pp.115–117
Reidy 99

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The authorship of The Life and Death of William Lawd, 1645 [Halkett & Laing and Wing wrongly attribute this work to Edmund Waller]
from: The Library, fifth series, 16 (1961), pp.140–141
Reidy 100

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: James Moran, Wynkyn de Worde, Father of Fleet Street (London 1960)
from: The Library, fifth series 16 (1961), pp.156–157
Reidy 101


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Accertamenti sulla stampa a Velletri prima del 1700 [list of eighteen books printed there during the seventeenth century]
from: Studi Secenteschi 2 (1961), pp.213–220
Reidy 108

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Giovanni Fabri tipografo del XV secolo in Torino ed in Caselle. Con una nota introduttiva su Le antiche cartiere di Caselle di Giovanni Donna d’Oldenico [Società Storica delle Valli di Lanzo. Pubblicazione no.9] (Ciriè 1962)
Reidy 110

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A book printed at Taranto in 1567 [Girolamo Dinami, Divina Predestinatione, Taranto: Quintiliano Campo, 1567]
from: British Museum Quarterly 25 (960), pp.1–3
Reidy 111

Rhodes (Dennis E.) & Jolliffe (John)
Some sixteenth-century French books with Turin imprints [printed by César & Jérôme Farine of Lyon and Turin, ‘Jean François Pico’ i.e. Benoît Rigaud at Lyon, ‘Battista d’Almeida’ i.e. the widow of Barthélemy Berton at La Rochelle, ‘T. Carabiaco’ pseudonym of an unknown French printer; a Postscript corrects Bersano Begey, Le Cinquecentine Piemontese: Torino (1961)]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1962, pp.291–293
Reidy 112

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A bibliography of the published writings of Professor E.R. Vincent to September 1962
from: Italian Studies presented to E.R. Vincent (Cambridge: Heffer, 1962), pp.9–14
Reidy 116

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Giuseppe Zaccaria, Catalogo degli Incunaboli della Biblioteca Comunale di Assisi (Florence 1961)
from: The Library, fifth series 17 (1962), pp.176–177
Reidy 117


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The printer of Ariosto’s early plays [La Cassaria and I Suppositi, by Bernardo Zucchetta of Florence]
from: Italian Studies 18 (1963), pp.13–18
Reidy 119

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The brothers De Gregoriis at Crescentino?
from: The Library, fifth series, 18 (1962), pp.316–317
Reidy 121

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Le Cinquecentine Piemontesi. Torino, edited by Marina Bersano Begey ([Turin] 1961)
from: The Library 18 (1962), pp.320–321
Reidy 122

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The Letters of St. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch: the fortuna of their fifteenth-century editions
from: Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 57 (1963), number 2, pp.152–156
Reidy 123


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Konrad Stepeck of Nuremberg (c. 1424–c. 1495) with notes on some of his contemporaries [Hieronymus Münzer and Hermann and Hartmann Schedel]from: Festschrift für Joseph Benzing (Wiesbaden 1964), pp.311–316
Reidy 127

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Reviews of: Fernanda Ascarelli, Annali tipografici di Giacomo Mazzocchi (Florence 1961); Attilio Carosi, Girolamo Pietro e Agostino Discepoli, 1603–1631 (Viterbo 1962); Ernesto Gorini, Vercelli nei libri e nelle stampe del Settecento ([Parma] 1961)
from: The Library, fifth series, 18 (1963), pp.152–154
Reidy 131

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Il mistero delle opere di Agostino Strozzi
from: La Bibliofilia 66 (1964), pp.43–47
Reidy 132

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
William Marshall and his books, 1533–1537
from: Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 58 (1964), pp.219–231
Reidy 134

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Rettifiche e aggiunte alla storia della stampa a Padova, 1471–1600
from: Studi di bibliografia e di storia in onore di Tammaro de Marinis (Verona 1964), IV, pp.25–42
Reidy 135


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Libri inglesi recensiti a Roma (1668–1681) [lists English publications reviewed in the Giornale de’ Letterati, by F. Nazari & G.G. Ciampini]
from: Studi Secenteschi 5 (1964), pp.151–160
Reidy 136

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The early bibliography of Southern Italy, IX: Taranto
from: La Bibliofilia 67 (1965), no.1, pp.125–132
Reidy 137

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A note on Petrus Feltrus [his Prohemii Auerroys in libros phisicorum Aristotelis expositio, printed without imprint, either 1509–1511, or 1516–1521]
from: Beiträge zur Inkunabelkunde, Dritte Folge, 1 (1965), pp.111–112
Reidy 142

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Seventeenth-century printing at Scigliano (Cosenza)
from: British Museum Quarterly 30 (1965), nos. 1–2, Autumn, pp.1–2
Reidy 143


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The bibliography of Andrea Corvo
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1966, pp.152–155
Reidy 146

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Some notes on Francesco Osanna of Mantua, Torquato Tasso, and others [on Paolo Donati’s Theoriche ouero Speculationi intorno alli moti celesti, Venice 1575; Georgius Carrettus’ De anni cursi 1579; and Tasso’s Scielta delle rime Ferrara 1582]
from: British Museum Quarterly 31 (1965), nos. 1–2, Autumn, pp.1–4
Reidy 147

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Indice generale degli incunaboli delle biblioteche d’Italia, IV: M–R,. Compilato da E. Valenziani e E. Cerulli (Rome 1965)
from: The Library, fifth series, 21 (1956), pp.335–336
Reidy 149

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
La traduzione italiana dei Commentarii di Giovanni Sleidano [printed at Geneva in 1557]
from: La Bibliofilia 68 (1966 [1968]), no 3, pp.283–287
Reidy 150


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The principal libraries of Florence
from: The Book Collector 16 (1987), Spring, pp.36–43
Reidy 151

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Su tre pubblicazioni ufficiali dell’ Ordini di S. Girolamo [printed at Venice, by Bernardino de’ Vitali, c. 1507; at Venice, by Guglielmo da Fontaneto, c. 1520; at Venice, by an unknown printer, 1538]
from: La Bibliofilia 69 (1967), pp.75–89
Reidy 153

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
William Hay in Paris [a friend of the printer Jodocus Badius Ascensius; his ownership entry set in type by the printer on recto and verso of last leaf of a copy of Lucan 1514]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1967, pp.94–95
Reidy 154

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Per la biblioteca di Belisario Bulgarini e per la storia del mercato librario in Siena lui vivente (1539–1620) [with a list of thirteen books belonging to him]
from: Studi bibliografici. Atti del Convegno dedicato alla storia del libro italiano nel V centenario dell’introduzione dell’arte tipografica in Italia, Bolzano, 7–8 Ottobre 1965 (Florence 1967), pp.159–168
Reidy 158


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A rare printer at Rome: Ariottus de Trino [Xenophon’s Memorabilia Socratis and Sancho Carranza de Miranda’s Opusculum in quasdam Erasmi Roterodami annotationes, both printed for Giovanni Mazzocchi, in 1521–1522]
from: British Museum Quarterly 32 (1968), nos.3/4, pp.74–76
Reidy 165

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A problem in the liturgical bibliography of Normandy [on the Lisieux Ritual of 1523 printed by Guillaume Du Val]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1968, pp.188–190
Reidy 166

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Notes on the early editions of Valerius Flaccus [five editions of the Argonautica printed in Italy 1474–1503]
from: Beiträge zur Inkunabelkunde, Dritte Folge, Heft 3 (Berlin 1968), pp.47–49
Reidy 167

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Tullio Bulgarelli, Gli avvisi a stampa in Roma nel Cinquecento (Rome 1967) [354 items, of which about sixty printed elsewhere]
from: The Library, fifth series, 23 (1968), pp.261–262
Reidy 168

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Suzanne P. Michel & Paul-Henri Michel, Répertoire des ouvrages imprimés en langue italienne au XVIIe siècle conservés dans les bibliothèques de France. Tome 1. A–B (Paris 1967)
from: The Library, fifth series, 23 (1968), pp.361–362
Reidy 170


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Luigi Moranti, L’arte tipografica in Urbino (1493–1800), con appendice di documenti e annali (Florence 1967)
from: The Library, fifth series, 24 (1969), pp.61–62
Reidy 173

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Francesco Cosci of Siena and a strange reissue of his works [by the Venetian printer Giovanni Griffio]
from: La Bibliofilia 71 (1969), pp.87–91
¶ Annotated by Rhodes
Reidy 174

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Un tipografo ambulante e un nuovo luogo di stampa nel cinquecento [Francesco Fabri and Nusco]
from: Contributi alla storia del libro italiano. Miscellanea in onore di Lamberto Donati (Florence 1969), pp.265–274
Reidy 175

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Luigi Balsamo, La stampa in Sardegna nei secoli XV e XVI. Con appendice di documenti e annali (Florence 1968)
from: The Library, fifth series, 24 (1969), pp.167–168
Reidy 178

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
John Wolf in Florence [two books published in Florence at his expense in 1576]
from: British Museum Quarterly 33 (1969); nos.3–4, pp.103–105
Reidy 179

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Notes on GW 272 and 273
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1969, pp.95–97
Reidy 180

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Benedictus Hectoris of Bologna and his complaints against typographical pirates [appearing in his edition of Suetonius 1506]
from: Refugium anirnae bibliotheca. Festschrift für Albert Kolb (Wiesbaden 1969), pp.345–347
Reidy 181

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Sauro Pesante, Catalogo degli incunabuli della Biblioteca Civica di Trieste (Florence 1968) [328 incunabula, mostly collected by Domenico Rossetti (bequeathed 1824), who specialised in editions of Petrarch and Pius II (fifty editions of former and 51 of latter)]
from: The Library, fifth series, 24 (1969), p.261
Reidy 183

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Pietro Manzi, Annali della Stamperia Stigliola a Porta Reale in Napoli (1593–1606) (Florence 1968)
from: The Library, fifth series, 24 (1969), pp.349–350
Reidy 185


Rhodes (Dennis)
Review of: William Smith Mitchell, Catalogue of the incunabula in Aberdeen University Library (London 1968) [mentioning books belonging to Hector Boethius (1465?–1536) and Bishop William Elphinstone, founder of King’s College at Aberdeen (1495); bindings well-described]
from: The Library, fifth series, 25 (1970), pp.62–63
Reidy 187

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Di alcuni prestiti e imitazioni tipografiche fra Roma e Perugia, 1515–1528 [title compartment used by Silber 1521, copied for Ariotto da Trino–Giacomo Mazzocchi; initial used by Mazzocchi, copied by Da Trino and by Girolamo Cartolari]
from: La Bibliofilia 71 (1969), pp.253–258
Reidy 188

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The incunabula of Siena [with a ‘List of Sienese incunabula of which copies still exist’ enumerating twenty-one editions]
from: Essays in honour of Victor Scholderer (Mainz 1970), pp.337–348
Reidy 190

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Two fifteenth-century editions of Johannes Versor [printed at Toulouse by either Johannes Parix or Henricus Mayer about 1494 and at Cologne by Heinrich Quentell about 1494]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1970, pp.93–96
Reidy 191
¶ Two copies

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Appunti bio-bibliografici su alcuni umanisti pugliesi dei secoli XV e XVI [Antonio da Bitonto, Bartolommeo Sibilla; Pietro da Trani, Marco Antonio Zimara, Aurelio Sereno]
from: Rassegna Pugliese 5 (1970), nos.7–9, July–September, pp.374–378
Reidy 192

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Variants in a Lettou incunable [Thomas Wallensis, Expositiones super Psalterium, 1481 (STC 19627)]
from: Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 64 (1970), pp.332–334
Reidy 193

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Pompilio Totti: publisher, engraver, Roman antiquary [with a list of 25 books, plus two unlocated: an edition of Guarini’s Il Pastor Fido c. 1634; La Traslatione della Santa Casa di Loreto c. 1638]
from: Papers of the British School at Rome 37 (1969), pp.161–172
Reidy 194

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Géza Sajo & Erzsébet Soltész, Catalogus incunabulorum quae in bibliothecis publicis Hungariae asservantur (Budapest 1970)
from: The Library, fifth series, 25 (1970), pp.357–360
Reidy 195

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
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Printing at Bangalore, 1840–1950
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Further travels of certain Italian printers
from: La Bibliofilia 73 (1971), pp.179–185
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from: The Library, fifth series, 26 (1971), pp.267–269
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The first edition of the works of Chrysostomus Javellus [printed at Venice, about 1529, with abandoned materials of Agostino Zani da Portese and Jacobus Pentius, possibly by the Dominicans]
from: Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 66 (1972), pp.13–19
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The Italian banquet, 1598, and its origins [an English translation of Giovanni Rosselli’s Epulario]
from: Italian Studies 27 (1972), pp.60–63
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The first edition of Carlos Coloma’s History of the Spanish Netherlands [De las guerras de los Estados Baxos, printed at Cambrai in 1622 by Jean de La Rivière]
from: Quaerendo 2 (1972), pp.221–226
Reidy 208
¶ Two copies

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The first and second editions of the “Philogyne” of Andrea Baiardi [Parma 1507 and Parma 1508]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1972, pp.139–141
Reidy 209

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An outline of Veronese bibliography, 1472–1600 [with good notes on a variety of books]
from: Università di Padova, Sede staccata in Verona, Facoltà di Economia e Commercio. Annali, series 1, 5 (1971)
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Chrysostomus Javellus: an Addendum [continues article in PBSA 66 (1972), pp.13–19 (Reidy 206)]
from: Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 66 (1972), Fourth Quarter, p.427
Reidy 211


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On the use of the verb ‘facere’ in early colophons [to designate the chief typesetter or compositor of the press]
from: Studies in Bibliography 26 (1973), pp.230–232
Reidy 212

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The dating of a Lyonnese edition of Boethius [published by Johann Clein (Schwab), Goff B–811, but 1514?]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1973, pp.272–275
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An unknown library in South Italy in 1557 [describes a catalogue of the library of Luca Gaurico of Giffoni (near Salerno), printed in 1557]
from: Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society 6 (1973), part 2, pp.115–125
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An unidentified edition of Galen [De locis affectis, Venice, Philippus Pincius, c. 1520]
from: Festschrift für Claus Nissen (Wiesbaden 1973), pp.575–583
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Emanuele Casamassima, La prima edizione della Divina Commedia, Foligno 1472 (Milan 1972)
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Un letterato di Taranto: Cataldo Antonio Mannarino
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Some Cretan scholars in Italy, 1400–1800: with special reference to the book-trade
from: Krētika chronika 5 (1973), pp.209–217
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Notes on Aurelio Pincio [attributes to his press two anonymously printed books: G.B. Folengo, Dialoghi, 1533; and Julius Ferrettus, Consilia de duello, 1538]
from: Italia Medioevale e Umanistica 16 (1973), pp.403–408
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from: Papers of the British School at Rome 40 (1972), pp.239–242
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An undescribed edition of the ‘Digestum novum’ [Lyon, Jean Du Pré, 1495–1496]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1974, pp.97–99
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Two early German editions of Proclus [both in the Latin translation of Thomas Linacre, printed at Wittenberg, by Nicolaus Marschalk, 1503; and at Leipzig, by Martin Landsberg, c. 1504]
from: Beiträge zur Geschichte des Buches und seiner Funktion in der Gesellschaft. Festschrift für Hans Widmann zum 65. Geburtstag (Stuttgart 1974), pp.178–182
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An anonymous author at Bangalore in 1848 [Charles Kirby]
from: The Literary half Yearly[Mysore] 15 (1974), pp.151–152
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from: The Library, fifth series, 29 (1974), pp.236–237
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Note sui primi libri stampati a Montefiascone
from: La Bibliofilia 76 (1974), pp.139–142
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Di un’orazione tenuta ma non stampata a Lecce nel 1611
from: Studi di storia pugliese in onore di Giuseppe Chiarelli (Galatina 1974), III, pp.131–136
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Battista Guarini and a book at Oxford
from: Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes 37 (1974 [March 1975]), pp.349–353
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The Printer of Ockham [active in Paris in July–August 1476, producing five known books]
from: The Library Chronicle 40 (1974), pp.118–123
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The mystery of P.G.N. [identifies an ink ownership stamp with an unidentified member of the Niccolini family of Florence]
from: The Book Collector 24 (1975), pp.125–129
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Giovanni Fabri tipografo del XV secolo in Torino ed in Caselle
from: Caselle e i suoi centenari (Caselle 1975), pp.101–110
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Jacobus Matzenberger [parish priest of the church of the B.M.V. at Memmingen, c. 1 483–1498] and his books
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1975, pp.74–76
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Lilies and a library [library of the Order of Servites in Florence]
from: The Book Collector 24 (1975), pp.417–420
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Early printed books in Greece
from: The Library, fifth series, 30 (1975), pp.183–198
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Whose ‘New Courtier’? [Il Novo Corteggiano, printed at Venice by Joannes Tacuinus de Tridino, about 1530, and here attributed to Equicola]
from: Cultural Aspects of the Italian Renaissance: Essays in honour of Paul Oskar Kristeller, edited by Cecil H. Clough (Manchester 1976), pp.370–376
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Per la storia della stampa a Manfredonia nel Seicento
from: Archivio storico pugliese 28 (1975), pp.289–290
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Il Cardinal Bessarione e Senofonte
from: Miscellanea Marciana di Studi Bessarionei (Medioevo e Umanesimo 24) (Padua 1976), pp.353–356
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Review of: Ruth Mortimer, Catalogue of books and manuscripts, Part II: Italian 16th century books, Harvard College Library (Cambridge, MA 1974)
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An account of cataloguing incunables in Oxford College libraries
from: Reniassance Quarterly 29 (1976), pp.1–20
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Two Venetian editions of Aristotle’s ‘De anima’ with an account of the career of Lucas Olchinensis
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1976, pp.186–189
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Primo libro stampato a Montefiascone? [Ulrico Nardi, Populi consalutatio, printed at the Seminario, in 1698]
from: La Bibliofilia 77 (1975), pp.253–254
Reidy 253


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A glimpse into the working life of an Italian monastery in 1593 [the monastery of San Giovanni in Lauro, Rome]
from: British School at Rome, Faculty of Archaeology, History and Letters. Occasional Paper 1 (1977), [no pagination]
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The Early Bibliography of Southern Italy – X. Salerno (with notes on two books printed at Naples) [concerns three books printed before 1550, all works of Paolo Grisignani, printed by Cilio Alifano of Naples, or Francesco Fabri]
from: La Bibliofilia 78 (1976) pp.251–254
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A Dutch seventeenth-century book-collector Paulus Terhaarius [1625–1667, sometime professor at Duisberg, his books sold 8 October 1667 (catalogue not extant): four volumes are described here]
from: Quaerendo 6 (1976), pp.347–351
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Contributo alla storia delle vecchie biblioteche viterbesi
from: Studi di biblioteconomia e storia del libro in onore di Francesco Barberi (Rome [1976])
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Francesco detto Il Faventino [Francesco Maron, author of Opera noua, printed at Venice by Venturino Ruffinelli c. 1540; see also D. E. Rhodes, ‘Some rare Florentine and Venetian printers and booksellers, 16th century’ in La Bibliofilia, 95 (1993), no.1, p.43 (Scarsella 440)]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1977, pp.144–145
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An imperfect Greek Psalter at Meteora [printed at Venice, by Sessa & Ravani, 1525]
from: Ελληνικά 29 (1976–1977), pp.356–357
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The true date of a Paris edition of Aldus Manutius’ grammar [printed by Poncet le Preux, 1510/1511]
from: Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 71 (1977), pp.323–325
Reidy 267


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Domenico Serafini e un ignoto incunabolo torinese [his Rosarium, printed at Turin, by Nicolaus de Benedictus & Jacobus Suigus, 1496]
from: Studi Piemontesi 7 (1978), pp.77–82
Reidy 273

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Roberto Maggio bibliofilo [of Brescia, apostolic protonotary, fl. 1530]
from: Miscellanea di studi in memoria di Anna Saitta Revignas (Florence 1978), pp.297–299
Reidy 274

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A Paris incunable lost and found [Ethica Aristotelis secundum veterem translationem a magistro Petro Tartareto, printed by Gaspard Philippe for the De Marnef brothers, on 8 February 1500/1501]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1978, pp.78–81
Reidy 276


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The Early Bibliography of Southern Italy – XI. Gaeta [three books signed at Gaeta, one 1487 by Andreas Freitag who later worked in Rome, and two 1488–1489 by Jodocus Hohenstein from Naples]
from: La Bibliofilia 80 (1978), pp.151–154
Reidy 278

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A party at Norwich in 1562 [discussion of Skete’s inscription and notes in a copy of Petrus Berchorius, Repertorium morale, Nuremberg 1489, in Brasenose College, Oxford]
from: Norfolk Archaeology 37 (1978), pp.116–120
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The printing career of Marco Claseri, 1597–1623
from: Studi Secenteschi 19 (1979), pp.239–248
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A catalogue of books printed between 1498 and 1700 now in the library of the British School at Athens
from: The Annual of the British School of Archaeology at Athens 73 / 1978 (1978), pp.189–211
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Ancora per la stampa a Salerno nel Cinquecento [on the printer Franciscus de Fabris]
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The case of Jean Mérausse [sixteenth-century publisher at Paris]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1979, pp.134–135
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Review of: Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Biografie e Bibliografie degli Accademici Lincei (Rome 176) [writings of 311 current Italian Fellows]
from: The Library, sixth series, 1 (1979), p.291
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Review of: Julia Mendez Aparicio, Catálogo de los Incunables de la Biblioteca Pública de Toledo, Colección Borbón-Lorenzana (Madrid 1976)
from: The Library, sixth series, 1 (1979), pp.291–293
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Rhodes (Dennis E.) & Hellinga (Lotte)
Cornelis de Zyrickzee and his practice of reissuing incunables from other presses
from: Quaerendo 9 (1979), pp.143–148
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The first edition of Gildas [printed at Antwerp, by Christopher van Ruremunde, between 1525 and 1531]
from: The Library, sixth series, volume 1 (1979), pp.355–360
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Ein Inkunabel-Census für Großbritannien
from: Zentralblatt für Bibliothekswesen 93 (1979), pp.459–462
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William Swadell, English Dominican, his friends and his books [two incunables, in Merton College and Lambeth Palace Library]
from: Archivium Fratrum Praedicatorum 49 (1979), pp.519–522
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Early printed books in Greece
from: [Proceedings] Dixième Congres International des Bibliophiles. Athènes 30 Septembre–6 Octobre 1977 (Athens 1979), pp.61–74
Reidy 291


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Un bibliofilo volterrano in Inghilterra alla fine del Quattrocento: Roberto Minucci
from: Rassegna Volterrana 54–55 (1979), pp.17–23
Reidy 293

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The Early Bibliography of Southern Italy – XIII. Castellammare di Stabia (with corrections on Gaeta) [two books printed there by Camillo Cavallo of Naples (1646) and by Giacomo Gaffari of Naples (1656)]
from: La Bibliofilia 81 (1979), pp.133–135
Reidy 294

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Martin Lowry, The World of Aldus Manutius. Business and Scholarship in Renaissance Venice (Oxford 1979) [adds to output of the press, though ‘it cannot be proved on typographic grounds alone’, Sulpicius Severus, Vita Sancti Martini, 1505, ‘probably but not certainly printed by Aldus’]
from: The Library, sixth series, 2 (1980), pp.226–228
Reidy 295

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A fifteenth-century book-collector in Italy: Johann Protzer [c. 1490–1494, with a list of thirteen books owned by him]
from: Hellinga Festschrift / Feestbundel / Mélanges, edited by A.R.A. Croiset van Uchelen (Amsterdam 1980), pp.435–439
Reidy 296

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Raphael Franciscus equals Raphael Francus, Florentinus [author of a paraphrase of the first two books of Lucretius, printed Bologna 1504; and Verificatio universalis in regulas Aristotelis, printed Venice, probably by Philippus Pincius, between 1508 and 1515]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1980, pp.79–81
Reidy 298


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Verdict on GW 2182 and 2183 [editions of the Sermones quadragesimales et de sanctis (Flos florum), commonly attributed to St Antonius Archbishop of Florence, anonymously printed at Venice between about 1507 and 1517, with materials of Giorgio Rusconi]
from: Studies in Bibliography 34 (1981), pp.187–189
Reidy 300

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The first Spanish translation of Lucan [by Martin Lasso de Oropesa, printed at Antwerp, by Petrus Crinitus, c. 1540]
from: Quaerendo 10 (1980), pp.253–255
Reidy 303

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Ancora per Roberto Minucci
from: Rassegna Volterrana 57 (1981), pp.55–57
Reidy 307

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The first collected Latin edition of Xenophon [Opera varia, printed at Milan, more probably by Alessandro Minuziano than by the Le Signerre brothers, and c. 1501–1502; compare Sandal’s Editori e Tipografi a Milano nel Cinquecento, 3: Annali tipografici dei fratelli le Signerre (1981)]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1981, pp.151–153
Reidy 308

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Teresa Rogledi Manni, La tipografia a Milano nel XV secolo (Florence 1980) [includes discussion of Ganda’s articles on Milanese printing]
from: The Library, sixth series, 2 (1981), pp.250–253
Reidy 309

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The Statutes and Ordinances of War [printed by Richard Pynson, 1492?]
from: The Library, sixth series, 3 (1981), pp.340–343
Reidy 310


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Review of: Indice generale degli Incunaboli delle Biblioteche d’Italia. Vol. VI: Aggiunte, correzioni, indici (Rome 1981)
from: The Library, sixth series, 4 (1982), pp.87–88
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Due note di bibliografia fiorentina del primo ventennio del Cinquecento
from: La Bibliofilia 88 (1981 [1982]), pp.219–224
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Problemi di bibliografia veronese alla fine del Quattrocento
from: Atti e Memorie della Accademia di Agricoltura Scienze e Lettere di Verona, series 6, volume 31 (1979–1980), pp.307–317
Reidy 316

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A migration of incunable fragments from Cambridge to London [leaves of Joannes Duns Scotus Quaestiones in quartum librum Sententiarum (Paris 1473) (GW 9083) used as pastedowns in a book sold by St. John’s, Cambridge, about 1750]
from: Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society 8 (1981), pp.126–129
Reidy 317

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Altissimo: GW 1581 [his Opere printed at Venice by Guglielmo da Fontaneto c. 1520]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1982, pp.234–235
Reidy 319

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Four important end-papers in Hereford Cathedral Library [unwanted printed material available to English binders to use as waste]
from: The Library, sixth series, 4 (1982), pp.410–415
Reidy 321

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Notes on early Florentine printing [L.B. Alberti, Della repubblica; five Florentine post-incunabula]
from: La Bibliofilia 84 (1982), pp.143–162
Reidy 324

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Nozze e famiglia: aggiunte di cinquecentine al British Museum (British Library) 1957–1982
from: Familiare ’82. Studi per le nozze d’argento di Rosario Jurlaro e Nunzia Ditonno (Brindisi 1982), pp.183–186
Reidy 326


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Bennett Gilbert, ed., A Leaf from the Letters of St Jerome (Los Angeles 1981) [on the identity of the first printer at Rome, Sweynheym & Pannartz (the tradition) or Riessinger (argued here by John L. Sharpe III)]
from: The Library, sixth series, 5 (1983), pp.68–71
Reidy 328

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Le Constitutiones del Capitolo del Duomo di Firenze
from: La Bibliofilia 44 (1982), pp.237–242
Reidy 329

Rhodes (Dennis E)
Review of: Bibliothèque Nationale, Catalogue des incunables. Tom II. fasc. 1: H–L (Paris 1982)
from: The Library, sixth series, 5 (1983), pp.178–180
Reidy 331

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Nicolaus Angelius: GW 1905 [De complexu partium orationis, printed in the sixteenth century with types used in the editio princeps of Homer, Florence 1488, by Bartolomeo de’ Libri, or by his son Michelangelo]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1983, pp.177–178
Reidy 332

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Postille alla carriera di Bartolomeo Sermartelli [on some books with imprints of Bartolomeo di Michelagnolo, Bartolomeo S. Martelli, Bartolomeo Sermartelli, etc., all from the same press]
from: La Bibliofilia 85 (1983), pp.41–48
Reidy 333

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Comin da Trino
from: Dizionario biografico degli Italiani, 27 (Rome 1982), pp.576–578
Reidy 334


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A volume of tracts illustrating humanist culture at Verona at the end of the fifteenth century
from: Italia Medioevale e umanistica 25 (1982), pp.401–406
Reidy 341

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The fifteenth-century editions of Joannes Gerson, De custodia linguae
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1984, pp.140–141
Reidy 345

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Luigi Balsamo, Produzione e circolazione libraria in Emilia, XV–XVIII sec. Studi e ricerche (Parma 1983)
from: The Library, sixth series, 6 (1984), pp.292–294
Reidy 346

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Un episodio della storia della stampa a Treviso nel tardo Cinquecento [Giovanni Tommaso Minadoi’s Medicarum disputationum liber primus, printed 1590 (not 1610), with a list of Minadoi’s other writings]
from: Studi Trevisani 1 (1984), pp.81–84
Reidy 348

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Bartolomeo di Matteo Castelli [a list of two dated and nine undated books published by him and printed by different printers, c. 1523–1524]
from: La Bibliofilia 86 (1984), pp.63–68
¶ With a Ms postscript by Rhodes
Reidy 349

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Accertamenti su un presunto incunabolo: Hain 14842 [Bartholomaeus Socinus, Scripta super varios titulos iuris, ascribed to Milan, c. 1505]
from: La Bibliofilia 86 (1984), pp.143–148
Reidy 352

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The Botanical garden at Padua: the first hundred years [the directors of the botanical garden: Francesco Bonafede, Luigi Anguillara, Giacomo Antonio Cortuso, etc., with discussion of the published sources]
from: Journal of Garden History 4 (1984), pp.327–331
Reidy 353


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A checklist of the writings of David Rogers [1934/1935–1984]
from: Bodleian Library Record (1985) pp.382–388
Reidy 355

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The Career of Thomas Ferrandus of Brescia [printer of sixteen or seventeen books, ‘among the rarest of Italian incunabula’]
from: Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester 67 (1984), pp.544–569
Reidy 356

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The three Florentine editions of the Psalterio di Sancto Hieronymo abreviato [(i) printed by the Compagnia del Drago, c. 1498; (ii) printed not before 1510; (iii) printed by Bartolommeo Zanetti, 1523]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1985, pp.153–154
Reidy 360

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
La stampa a Firenze (1471–1550). Omaggio a Roberto Ridolfi [text of a short speech delivered 9 June 1984 in the Biblioteca Riccardiana, Florence]
from: La Bibliofilia 87 (1985), pp.59–60
Reidy 363

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Accertamenti sulla stampa della Riposta di Francesco Betti [Basel, Pietro Perna, 1560?]
from: La Bibliofilia 87 (1985), pp.55–57
Reidy 364

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Five undescribed incunabula in British Libraries
from: Ars Impressoria: Entstehung und Entwicklung des Buchdrucks. Eine internationale Festgabe für Severin Corsten zum 65. Geburtstag, edited by Hans Limburg, Hartwig Lohse, Wolfgang Schmitz (Munich, New York & London 1986), pp.98–102
Reidy 365


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A volume from the monastery library at Hayles
from: Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society 8 (1985), pp.598–603
Reidy 366

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Marco Santoro, La Stampa a Napoli nel Quattrocento (Naples 1984)
from: The Library, sixth series, 8 (1986), pp.76-78
Reidy 368

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Il lunario del 1481 dell’Archivio Capitolare di Brescia: particolari bibliografici e biografici
from: Commentari dell’Ateneo di Brescia per il 1984, pp.77–82
Reidy 369
¶ Two copies

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The Early editions of Baptista Fiera
from: Book Production and Letters in the Western European Renaissance. Essays in honour of Conor Fahy, edited by Anna Laura Lepschy, John Took & Dennis E. Rhodes (London 1986), pp.234–245
Reidy 371 (1)

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A list of the published works of Conor Fahy from 1955 to 1985
from: Book Production and Letters in the Western European Renaissance. Essays in honour of Conor Fahy, edited by Anna Laura Lepschy, John Took & Dennis E. Rhodes (London 1986), pp.291–299
Reidy 371 (2)

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: La biblioteca del cardinale Bernardo Clesio (Trento 1985)
from: The Library, sixth series, 8 (1986), pp.176–177
Reidy 374

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The printer of Giraldi’s Egle [Venice, Nicolò Bascarini, shortly after March 1545]
from: Italian Studies 41 (1986), pp.82–84
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Gratiadei of Ascoli and Joannes Baptista Gratiadei
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1986, pp.177–179
Reidy 376

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Un secondo errore di datazione in un libro trevisano [G.A. Carrara Bora’s Il Morosini ouero la Morea conquistata, published by Stefano Curti in 1693, not 1713]
from: Studi Trevisani 2 (1985 [July 1986]), pp.37–38
Reidy 377

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Paolo Veneziani, La tipografia a Brescia nel XV secolo (Florence 1986)
from: The Library, sixth series, 8 (1986), pp.375–377
Reidy 381

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Due nuovi incunaboli: uno senese, uno veronese
from: La Bibliofilia 88 (1986), pp.185–188
Reidy 382


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
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from: The Library, sixth series, 9 (1987), pp.77–79
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
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Bibliography of Leslie A. Sheppard (1890–1985)
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La tipografia nel secolo XV a Vicenza, Santorso e Torrebelvicino [with a catalogue of editions]
from: Odeo Olimpico 19–20 (Accademia Olimpica / Civica Biblioteca Bertoliana, Vicenza), 1987, pp.1–31
Reidy 393


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Due questioni di bibliografia bolognese del Cinquecento [the printer of, and variants in the Symbolicarum quaestionum 1555 of Achille Bocchi; the printer of Virgil 1554 ‘Achille Barbiroli’]
from: L’archiginnasio 81 (1986), pp.321–324
Reidy 394

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Four more leaves of an incunable by Cornelius Roelans [De aegritudinibus infantium, printed by Jan Veldener at Louvain, not before 16 February 1486]
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Books and readers at Colle di Valdelsa during the Renaissance
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Lorenzo Lorio, Publisher at Venice, 1514–1527 [in particular of Erasmus and Franciscus Nausea]
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Spanish propaganda printed in Venice: two dialogues by Alfonso de Valdés
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Ruzzante e il suo primo editore, Stefano di Alessi
from: Ruzzante. Filologia veneta. lingua, letteratura, tradizioni (Padua 1988), pp.1–13
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Juan Maldonado and the press in Burgos
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1988, pp.141–145
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A curious Giunta imprint [Girolamo Pollini, Storia ecclesiastica della rivoluzione d’Inghilterra, published Bologna ‘ad istanza de’Giunti di Fiorenza’, 1591]
from: The Library, sixth series, volume 10 (1988), pp.242–246
Reidy 404

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Some Frisian book-owners identified [Tobias Gutberleth, fl. 1609; and his grandson, Tobias Gutberleth, fl.1675]
from: Quaerendo 18 (1988), pp.83–86
Reidy 405


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Curzio Bastianoni & Giuliano Catoni, Impressum Senis. Storie di tipografi, incunaboli e librai (Siena 1988)
from: The Library, sixth series, 11 (1989), pp.60–61
Reidy 406

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Giuseppina Zappella, Le marche dei tipografi e degli editori italiani del Cinquecento. Repertorio (Milan 1986)
from: The Library, sixth series, 11 (1989), pp.65–67
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The twenty thousand triumphs of Vasco Díaz Tanco de Fregenal [printed not later than 1535]
from The Library, sixth series, 11 (1989), pp.143–146
Reidy 409

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Pietro Aretino in Spain
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1989, pp.136–141
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A contribution to the bibliography of Orvieto [G.B. Donzellini, Boscarecci amori, printed at Orvieto most probably by Rosato Tintinnassi c. 1 583–1585]
from: Italian Studies 44 (1989), pp.59–62
Reidy 411

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Nigel Griffin, Spanish Incunabula in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester (Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library, volume 70, no.2, Summer 1988)
from: The Library, sixth series, 11 (1989), pp.278–279
Reidy 412

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Di un libro stampato a Correggio nel 1555 [three editions of Rinaldo Corso’s Delle private rappacificationi, printed 1555, ‘Correggio 1555’ (but 17th century), ‘Correggio 1555’ (Brescia 1726)]
from: La Bibliofilia 91 (1989), pp.175–188
Reidy 413

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La seconda edizione degli Statuti di Treviso, 1574
from: Studi Trevisani (1987), pp.21–23
Reidy 415


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Il Moro: an Italian view of Sir Thomas More [Ellis Heywood’s I1 Moro 1556]
from: England and the Continental Renaissance: Essays in honour of J.A. Trapp (Woodbridge 1990), pp.67–71
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Some unrecorded sixteenth-century coats of arms [printed by Blado at Rome 1585 and at Rimini by Giovanni Simbeni 1589]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1990, pp.174–176
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A shared Italo-Spanish edition of 1601–1605 [Thomas Sanchez, Disputationes de Sancto Matrimonii Sacramento printed (volume I) at Genoa by Pavoni and (volumes II–III) at Madrid by Luis Sánchez]
from: The Library, sixth series, 12 (1990) pp.234–235
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Review of: Fernanda Ascarelli & Marco Menato, La tipografia del ’500 in Italia (Florence 1989)
from: The Library, sixth series, 12 (1990), pp.350–351
Reidy 423


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The early editions of the ‘Credo di Dante’ [with a list of editions 1472/1475–1526, but particularly an edition printed by Bernardinus de Vitalibus for J.B. Sessa, c. 1500–1502]
from: Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society 9 (1990), pp.531–536
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The life and works of Girolamo Messio (with particular reference to one capital letter)
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Richard White of Basingstoke: the erudite exile
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Angela Nuovo, Alessandro Paganino (Padova 1990)
from: The Library, sixth series, 13 (1991), pp.368–369
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Episodi della stampa a Modena tra il 1475 e il 1636. Stato attuale della nostra conoscenza sulla bibliografia modenese dal 1475 al 1600 [including authorship of Interpretatione de colori da incerto auttore composta; Grammaticales Regulae of Guarino da Verona]
from: Schifanoia 10 (1991), pp.37–51
Reidy 431


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Two editions of Alexander Pope in Italian translation [one printed by the Fratelli Armoretti, with imprint ‘Crisopoli 1797’; the other printed probably in Switzerland (Bern?), for Giovanni Ridolfo Vautravers, c. 1760?; continuation in The Library, sixth series, 15 (1993), p.226 (Scarsella 443]
from: The Library, sixth series, 14 (1992), pp.140–143
Reidy 434

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
An edition of the Circe of G.B. Gelli [printed without imprint or date, by Giordano Ziletti, between 1561 and 1566]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1992, pp.236–237
Reidy 435

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Julián Martín Abad, La imprenta en Alcalá de Henares (1502–1600) (Madrid 1991)
from: The Library, sixth series, 14 (1992), pp.263–264
Reidy 436

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Da Genova a Venezia nel Cinquecento: due libri della British Library [Decisiones rotae printed at Venice by Francesco Ziletti and at Genoa by Marc’ Antonio Bellone]
from: La Bibliofilia 94 (1992), pp.197–205
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Review of: Konstantins Staikos, [Charta of Greek typograpy]
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Reidy [438bis]

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Ulteriori ricerche bibliografiche sul terremoto del Mugello, 1542
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Some rare Florentine and Venetian printers and booksellers, 16th century
from: La Bibliofilia 95 (1993), pp.39–44
Scarsella 440

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The Works of Paolo Angelo
from: The British Library Journal 19 (1993), pp.109–112
¶ Annotated by Rhodes
Scarsella 441

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The Problem of Federico Abirelli
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1993, pp.128–130
Scarsella 442

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A Further note on Vautravers and Hollis [former’s translation of Alexander Pope probably printed c. 1798]
from: The Library, sixth series, 15 (1993), p.226
Scarsella 443

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Roberto L. Bruni, Rosaria Campioni & Diego Zancani, Giulio Cesare Croce dall’Emilia all’Inghilterra: Cataloghi, biblioteche e teste (Florence 1991)
from: Italian Studies (1993), pp.153–154
Scarsella 444

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Notes on Galician books in the British Library printed before 1700 [in Orense 1547, Mondoñedo 1550/1551, Santiago de Compostela, 1612–1686]
from: El Museo de Pontevedra. XLIV. Homenaje a Antonio Odriozola (Pontevedra 1990), pp.237–243
Scarsella 445

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The Almadiani of Viterbo. A biographical and bibliographical introduction
from: Italia Medioevale e Umanistica 35 (1992), pp.439–446
Scarsella 44ó

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Jacobus Matzenberger again [described here as ‘a fairly systematic collector of incunabula’; continuation of Rhode’s essay in Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1975, pp.74–76 (Reidy 238)]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1994, pp.106–107
Scarsella 448

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Lelio Capilupi and the ‘Centones ex Virgilio’ [seven editions, 1543–1575]
from: The Library, sixth series, 16 (1994), pp.208–218
Scarsella 449

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Some English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish book-collectors in Italy, 1467–1850
from: Bookbindings and other bibliophily. Essays in honour of Anthony Hobson, edited by Dennis E. Rhodes (Verona 1994), pp.247–276
Scarsella 450

Richardson (Brian) & Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The 1587 edition of Castiglione’s Cortegiano ‘Printed by Domenico Giglio’ [surreptitious reprint of Giglio’s edition of 1552, printed at Basel, by Thomas Guarinus or Conrad Waldkirch]
from: The Library, sixth series, 16 (1994), pp.316–326
Scarsella 452

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Una Biblioteca privata a Conegliano intorno all’anno 1600 [listing three books by Pulzio Sbarra, and nineteen from his library]
from: Ateneo veneto 180 (1993), pp.101–109
Scarsella 454

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A Group of sixteenth century books on the history of Malta [seven anonymous editions, here assigned to the Venetian presses of Niccolò Bevilacqua (2), Alessandro de Viano (2), and Giovanni Griffio (2); and to Pietro Brea at Messina (1)]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1995, pp.175–177
Scarsella 456

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Two German strays in Italy [two anonymous editions wrongly included in the Italian STC (1958), in fact printed at Cologne, by Arnold (or Johann) Birckmann; and at Frankfurt am Main, by Ludovicus Lucius]
from: The German book 1450–1750: Studies presented to David L. Paisey in his retirement, edited by John L. Flood & William A. Kelly (London 1995), pp.361–365
Scarsella 458

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Conor Fahy, Printing a book at Verona in 1622 (Paris 1993)
from: Modern Language Review 91 (1996), pp.499–500
Scarsella 459

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Uomini letterati nati al San Severo nel Quattrocento [with an appendix: Edizioni a stampe di Agostino Colombre, Della natura dei cavalli libri III]
from: Archivio Storico Pugliese 48 (1995), pp.299–306
Scarsella 460

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Ortensia and Hortolana: with notes on Angelo degli Oldradi [editions of Ecloga rusticale intitolata Ortensia, here ascribed to Oldradi, and assigned to the Roman press of Valerio & Luigi Dorico, c. 1555; and L’Hortolana, by Oldradi, probably printed by Dorico, c. 1550]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1996, pp.97–98
Scarsella 461

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Three Italian tracts in Emmanuel College Library, Cambridge [bought by Sancroft, probably on his tour of Italy, 1657–1660: Li grandi triomphi, feste, pompe et liuree fatte dalli S. Romani per la festa d’Agone (printed by Blado, with reference to other editions); Discorso sopra le feste et riceimento che l’Academia et Studio di Alcalà di Henares fece al gran Filippo II Re di Spagna, & à Madama Isabella…doppo le nozze delle loro Maestà (printed at Venice, 1560); and a work by Niccolò Tartaglia, relevant to his controversy with Girolamo Cardano in which he was defended by Ludovico Ferrara of Milan, with mention of related tracts]
from: Transactions of Cambridge Bibliographical Society 10 (1995), pp.603–615
Scarsella 462

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The Strange problems of William Ireland and his library [his inscriptions and/or motto ‘Soli Deo honor et gloria’ noted in fifteen books in British collections]
from: The Library, sixth series, 18 (1996), pp.246–250
Scarsella 463

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Some British Library provenances [William Savill, John Toker, John Bodley, Augustine Bassano, Robert Hole]
from: Bodleian Library Record 15 (1996), pp.359–363
Scarsella 464/1

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Addenda to ‘A Checklist of the Writings of David M. Rogers’
from: Bodleian Library Record 15 (1996), pp.518–519
Not in Scarsella; introduced as 464 (2)

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Some false Dublin imprints [principally editions of Sylvius’ Novissima idea de febribus, printed 1686 at Dublin; reprinted anonymously at Venice, again there in 1694, evidently by Zaccaria Conzatti]
from: The Library, sixth series, 19 (1997), pp.68–72
Scarsella 465

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Notes on the bibliography of Rainerius de Pisis [particularly two editions, printed at Brescia 1580 and Venice 1585 respectively]
from: The British Library Journal 22 (1996), pp.238–241
Scarsella 466

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Two sixteenth-century Italian books: complete or incomplete? [L’Annegata. Tragedia. De L’Infiammato delle donne, probably printed at Verona, about 1551; Nicolaus Siccus, De origine pilae maioris carmen, printed at Venice, probably by Francesco Marcolini or Vincenzo Valgrisi, about 1550]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1997, pp.121–124
Scarsella 467

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Fra Paolo Sarpi e la Historia della Sacra Inquisitione [with imprint ‘In Serravalle, Appresso Fabio Albicocco, 1638’; but printed Geneva, Jacob Stoer, 1638, with a census of twenty–one copies]
from: La Bibliofilia 99 (1997), pp.39–45
Scarsella 468

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
from: Libri, tipografi, biblioteche. Ricerche storiche dedicate a Luigi Balsamo (Florence 1997), pp.67–74
Scarsella 469 (1)

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Alessandro Ruinagia da Piacenza (1472–1556): vita e opere
from: Libri, tipografi, biblioteche. Ricerche storiche dedicate a Luigi Balsamo (Florence 1997), pp.67–74
Scarsella 469 (2)

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A la recherche du livre perdu: three Italian editions of the sixteenth century [three lost books: Plutarco della Civile Instituzione, tradotto dal Greco in Latino da Nicola Segondino (Treviso 1501); Sermone nella Natività del Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo, composto da Assalone Abate Regolare di S. Vittore (Treviso 1564); an edition of Terence, allegedly printed at Vicenza, in 1588]
from: The Library, sixth series, 19 (1997), pp.248–251
Scarsella 470
¶ Two copies

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Addendum per la biblioteca di Pulzio Sbarra [on a copy of Ramusio’s voyages printed at Venice by the Heirs of Lucantonio Giunta, in three volumes (mixture of editions, vols. dated 1563, 1559/1558, 1556), having shelf marks D.IV.1[–3], and inscriptions ‘Pultio Sbarra’, sold by Christie’s, London, 2 April 1996; continuation of his essay in Ateneo veneto 180 (1993), pp.101–109 (Scarsella 454)]
from: Ateneo Veneto 183 (1996), pp.129–130
Scarsella 471

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Libri del Seicento col falso luogo di stampa ‘Verona’
from: Bollettino della Biblioteca Civica di Verona 2 (1996), pp.23–30
Scarsella 473


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
La Battaglia di Lepanto e la stampa popolare a Venezia. Studio bibliografico
from: Miscellanea Marciana 10–11 (1995–1996), pp.9–63
Dumontet 474

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Il libro italiano del Seicento: un secolo di sfide
from: Miscellanea Marciana 10–11 (1995–1996), pp.273–281
Dumontet 475


Basing (Patricia) & Rhodes (Dennis E.)
English plague regulations and Italian models: printed and manuscript items in the Yelverton collection [thirty-five printed proclamations, dated 1576–1577, all printed by Pacifico Pontio]
from: The British Library Journal 23 (1997), pp.60–67
Dumontet 477


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Johannes Sommerfelt I and II, and the Printer of Leo I, “Sermones”
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1998, pp.98–100
Dumontet 480

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Le antiche edizioni a stampa delle poesie di Simone Serdini
from: La Bibliofilia 100 (1998), pp.253–266
Dumontet 482

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
La Conquista del Perú, 1534 [printed at Seville by Bartolomé Pérez, April 1534]
from: Trabajos de la Asociación Española de Bibliografía [Madrid] 2 (1998), pp.119–121
Dumontet 484


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Three works of heterodox Italian authors printed at Basle
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1999, pp.158–160
Dumontet 485

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
‘La Bibliofilia’ 1954–1999: ricordi autobiografici
from: La Bibliofilia 101 (1999), pp.195–206
Rhodes 486

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The library of Johann Plümel [c. 1455–1508; with a note on Johann Protzer; the note on Protzer is a continuation of his essay in the Hellinga Festschrift pp.435–439 (Reidy 296)]
from: Incunabula. Studies presented to Lotte Hellinga, edited by Martin Davies (London 1999), pp.231–241
Dumontet 487

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A Lost Romance printed by Wynkyn de Worde [La historia de Grisel y Mirabella; see, in continuation, Joyce Bovo, in TCBS 12 (2003), pp.422–436]
from: Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society 11 (1999), pp.463–467
Dumontet 489


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Le opere a stampa di Giustiniano Nelli [Innamoramento de due nobilissimi giovani senese…intitulata la Cardarella (Siena: Michelangelo di Bartolommeo Fiorentino, 1523), reprinted probably at Siena and by Simeone di Niccolo dei Nardi, c. 1525–1530; Le amorose novelle, printed probably at Milan, by Andrea Calvo, c. 1540]
from: La Bibliofilia 102 (2000), pp.163–169
Dumontet 491

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Due raccolte di opuscoli di letteratura popolare italiana nella British Library [mostly printed at Bologna or Venice, c. 1700–1770]
from: L’Archiginnasio 94–95 (1999–2000), pp.67–141
Dumontet 493


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Humbertus Montismoretanus and a rare edition of Antonius Nebrissensis [printed at Lyon, with the materials of Mathieu Bonhomme, in 1541]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 2001, pp.194–196
Dumontet 494

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Miguel Angel Esparza Torres & Hans-Josef Niederehe, Bibliografía Nebrisense. Las obras completas del humanista Antonio de Nebrija desde 1481 hasta nuestros días (Amsterdam & Philadelphia 1999)
from: The Library, seventh series, 2 (2001), pp.86–88
Dumontet 495

Rhodes (Dennis E.) & Tura (Adolfo)
Aggiunte agli annali delle edizioni a stampa di Simone Serdini [continues his essay in La Bibliofilia 100 (1998), pp.253–266 (Dumontet 482)]
from: La Bibliofilia 103 (2001), pp.63–65
Dumontet 497


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A Boccaccio edition of 1501 [a copy of the Comedie, printed at Venice by Georgius de Rusconibus, with erroneous date ‘19 December 1501’ (BL C.132 h.42); in other copies corrected on press to ‘19 December 1503’]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 2002, pp.168–169
Dumontet 501

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Albinia de la Mare: maestra dei manoscritti [a checklist of her publications]
from: La Bibliofilia 104 (2002), no.2, pp.209–218
¶ Annotated by the author
Dumontet 503


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Notes on the bibliography of Bressanone before 1600
from: ‘Vir ingenio mirandus’ Studies presented to John L. Flood, edited by William J. Jones, William A. Kelley & Frank Shaw (Göppingen 2003), II, pp.685–692
Dumontet 504

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Martin Lowry (1940–2002) [with a list of Lowry’s publications]
from: La Bibliofilia 105 (2003), pp.92–98
Dumontet 505

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Biblioteca Histórica Municipal de Madrid. Catálogo de incunables y obras impresas del siglo XVI (Madrid 2002) [including discussion of the third edition of the Margarita philosophica, 1504, variously credited to Johann Schott’s Freiburg press, and to Basel]
from: The Library, seventh series, 4 (2003), pp.179–180
Dumontet 506

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Where did Petrus Sanctandreanus work? [printer, c. 1574–c. 1615, of about fifty books ‘Apud Petrum Sanctandrianum’]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 2003, pp.154–156
Dumontet 507

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Incunabula and their readers: Printing, selling and using books in the fifteenth century, edited by Kristian Jensen (London 2003)
from: The Library, seventh series, volume 4 (2003), pp.431–433
Dumontet 509

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Radosticzoso: a small mystery solved [on Radoslov Pavlovic, alias Rado stizzoso; and Giovanni Paolo (Zuan Polo) Liompardi]
from: Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society 12 (2004), pp.414–421
Dumontet 510


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Le edizioni italiane delle opere di Antonio de Nebrija [describes nineteen editions printed in Italy]
from: La Bibliofilia 106 (2004)), pp.277–289
Dumontet 511

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Behind the scenes in Naples and Vienna [on Giovanni Elisio, author of De mirabilibus Puteolorum 1475; the Neapolitan printers Giovanni Maria Scoto, and Matthias Cancer]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 2004, pp.187–190
Dumontet 512

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
The First use of Greek type in Spain, France, the Low Countries and England
from: The Greek Book 15th–19th century. Acts of the International Congress, Delphi, 16–20 May 2001, edited by Triantaphyllos E. Sklavenitis & Konstantinos Staikos (Athens 2004), pp.129–136
Dumontet 513

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Italy and Spain in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries: connections in the book trade
from: La memoria de los libros: Estudios sobre la historia del escrito y de la lectura en Europa y América, edited by María Isabel Páiz Hernández, Pedro Manuel Cátedra García, María Luisa López-Vidriero Abello (Salamanca 2004), pp.319–326
Dumontet 514

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A printer from Antwerp in Spain: the career of Adrianus de Anversa
from: E Codicibus Impressisque. Opstellen over het boek in de Lage Landen voor Elly Cockx-Indestege (Louvain 2004), pp.341–347
Dumontet 516

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Howard Jones, Printing the classical text (’t Goy-Houten 2004)
from: The Library, seventh series, volume 5 (2004), pp.445–447
Dumontet 518

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Cum gratia Scipioni concessa [this phrase occuring in the colophon of the Regulae grammaticales of Guarino da Verona printed at Venice by Pentius about 1505 (BL1560/1725) and also in some other books, evidently denoting Scipione Ferrari of Venice]
from: Schede umanistiche 2 (2004), pp.5–8
Dumontet 519


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Another edition of “Mercurio y Carón” [by Alfonso de Valdés; see his essay in Harvard Library Bulletin 34 (1986), pp.421–425 (Reidy 398)]
from: Syntagma. Revista del instituto de Historia del Libro y de la Lectura 2005, pp.127–133
Dumontet 520

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Review of: Greek Civilization through the Eyes of Travellers and Scholars: From the Collection of Dimitris Contominas, compiled by Leonora Navari (New Castle & ’t-Goy Houten & Athens 2004)
from: The Library, seventh series, 6 (2005), pp.201–202
Dumontet 521

Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Notes on the expansion of business activities of Francesco de’ Francheschi [from Venice to Bergamo, Ferrara, Pavia, and Bologna]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 2005, pp.133–135
Dumontet 523

Rhodes (Dennis E.) & Feo (Michele)
I. Sul tipografo Simone di Niccolò Nardi da Siena [by Rhodes] — II. Simone e le Figure [by Feo]
from: Studi medievali e umanistici 3 (2005), pp.29-46, plates XIII–XL
Dumontet 526


Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Appunti su librai-editori italiani del Cinquecento poco conosciuti. I: Antonio Orero [printer at Venice and Genoa]
from: Bibliologia: an international journal of bibliography, library science, history of typography and the book [Pisa & Rome] 1 (2006), pp.43–51
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Appunti sulla protostampa in alcune città del Piemonte [giving a chronology of the introduction of printing there; with notes on printing at Acqui (?), Alba, Asti, Carmagnola, Casale Monferrato, Mondovì, Pinerolo, Saluzzo,Vercelli]
from: Manoscritti, editoria e biblioteche dal medioevo all’età contemporanea. Studi offerti a Domenico Maffei per il suo ottantesimo compleanno, edited by Mario Ascheri & Gaetano Colli (Rome 2006), pp.1125–1137
¶ Annotated by Rhodes
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
Some non-Italian publishers of Venetian-printed liturgies [commissioners of liturgical texts printed in Venice, including Frederick Egmont, Gerardus Barrevelt, Joannes de Ravesberg, Johann Rynman, Christophorus Thum, Christofel von Frangepan]
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 2006, pp.243–24
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Rhodes (Dennis E.)
A Constance query, with an additional note on the Quentell press at Cologne
from: Gutenberg Jahrbuch 2007, pp.115–116
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