Williams (Robert)

The zodiac of wit : Peter Meller and the graphic imagination

Santa Barbara, University of California Santa Barbara Art, Design & Architecture Museum, 2012
(25.5 × 25.5 cm), 119 (1) pp., illustrations (most in colour). Publisher’s pictorial wrappers. - “Using the simplest materials and techniques such as white-out, pen and ink, hand-carved stamps, markers and a Xerox machine, but in brilliantly imaginative ways, Hungarian-born, UCSB Art History Professor Peter Meller (1923-2008) created an impressive body of drawings and prints. Many of his designs reflect his training as a Classics scholar and feature traditional themes updated with comical, ironic, or poignant references to contemporary life.” (website of the Art, Design & Architecture Museum, Santa Barbara). ¶ Very good, unmarked copy.