National Book League (Great Britain)

Venice Preserv'd : an exhibition of Italian books and manuscripts to be held at the National Book League, 7 Albemarle Street, London W.1. Oct. 5-7, 1972

London, Printed by Robert Stockwell, 1972
Folding sheet (33 × 48 cm), [8] pp., 155 items; priced. - A selling exhibition organised by Bernard Quaritch Ltd with the collaboration and participation of fifteen booksellers: Breslauer, Dawsons, Colin Franklin, E.P. Goldschmidt, Paul Grinke, Otto Haas, Frank Hammond, Hofmann & Freeman, Clifford King, H.D. Lyon, Maggs, Marlborough Rare Books, J.F.T. Rogers, Traylen, and Weinreb. Many interesting books are described, including the Aldine Musaeus (item 103, £2500; ex-Maurice Johnson collection), the 1488-1489 Homer (item 77, £5000; the Mersey copy, returned to the market in the Nakles sale, Christie’s, New York, 17 April 2000, lot 140); among the manuscripts are Cicero’s “De oratore” illuminated by Battista di Biagio Sanguigni (item 6, £7800; ex-Drury and Samuel Butler collections, and Sotheby’s, 10 July 1972, lot 27; now Bodleian Library, MS. Bywater Adds. 1), and the only known manuscript of Pietro Jacopo Jennaro’s “Clepsimoginon” from the library of Ercole d’Este, to whom the work is dedicated (item 9, £15,000; ex-Bibliotheca Phillippica, sale by Sotheby’s, 30 November 1971, lot 516; Quaritch, Catalogue 914, 1972, item 9). ¶ Few short tears.