Ader, Picard, Tajan (Paris)

Architecture, cent cinquante livres rares des XVIIe, XVIIIe et XIXe siècles § Architecture et beaux livres anciens (catalogues of portions of the collection of Fernand Pouillon, sold in Hôtel Drouot, Paris, and in Hôtel Hermitage, Monte Carlo, with the expertise of Claude Guérin and Dominique Courvoisier, by Ader, Picard, Tajan, 3 May 1985 and 1 July 1986)

Paris / Monte Carlo, Ader, Picard, Tajan, 1985-1986
Two volumes (22 × 27 cm), I (Paris, 3 May 1985): [88] pp., text illustrations (2 in colour). 150 lots. II (Monte Carlo, 1 July 1986): [160] pp., text illustrations (some in colour). 232 lots. Publisher’s printed wrappers. - A selection from the library of the architect Fernand Pouillon (1912-1986), including books which had been utilised for facsimile reproductions issued by Jardin de Flore, a publishing house established by the collector in 1974 in association with the bookseller Fernand de Nobele. A sale in Paris on 2-3 February 1961 had disposed of a previous collection (267 lots). ¶ Annotated copies.

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Architectural books - Collections, France - Pouillon (Fernand), 1912-1986
Auction sale catalogues - Books - 1985
Auction sale catalogues - Books - 1985-1986
Auction sale catalogues - Books - 1986
Ader, Picard, Tajan (Monte Carlo)
Ader, Picard, Tajan (Paris)
Pouillon, Fernand, 1912-1986
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