Malkowski (Luigi); Farneti (Manuela), translator

Fifteenth century Italian woodcuts from Biblioteca Classense in Ravenna (catalogue published to accompany exhibitions of the "Ravenna Woodcuts" held in Canada and the USA, in 1989 and 1990; Interventi Classense, 11)

Ravenna, Longo, 1990
(29 cm), 14 pp., 46 plates. Publisher’s laminated wrappers. - 46 items, fully illustrated. The largest collection of Italian fifteenth-century woodcuts, formerly pasted in three legal codices belonging to Jacopo Rubieri of Parma (fl. 1430-1487) and separated at the time they were restored in 1938. Cf. David Landau, “Fifteenth-century Italian Woodcuts” in Print Quarterly, volume 6 (1989), pp.71-73. ¶ Very good, unmarked copy.


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