Stillwell (Margaret Bingham), 1887-1984

The awakening interest in science during the first century of printing 1450-1550 : an annotated checklist of first editions viewed from the angle of their subject content

New York, Bibliographical Society of America, 1970
(25.5 cm), xxix (1), 399 (3) pp. Publisher’s cloth. - An annotated bibliographical guide to some 900 early scientific books, extending the range of Klebs’ Incunabula scientifica et medica (1938), and providing a much greater quantity of useful information. The arrangement by subject-heading allows the reader to review in a few moments all early printed books that fall under a broad heading, such as “Technology”, or a subdivision such as “Metallurgy”. Edition of 1500 copies. ¶ Excellent, unmarked copy.

£ 40


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