Renouard (Philippe), 1862-1934; Veyrin-Forrer (Jeanne), 1919-2010; Moreau (Brigitte), 1930-1994, editors

Répertoire des imprimeurs parisiens, libraires, fondeurs de caractères et correcteurs d’imprimerie depuis l’introduction de l’imprimerie à Paris (1470) jusqu’à la fin du seizième siècle… Avertissement table des enseignes et adresses, liste chronologique, par Jeanne Veyrin-Forrer et Brigitte Moreau

Paris, M.J. Minard / Librairie Droz, 1965
(21.5 cm), vi, 511 pp., folding map (plan of Paris under Henri II, 51 × 70 cm) in pocket on inside back cover. Publisher’s red binding. - A biographical directory of members of the Parisian book trade, from the introduction of printing in 1470 until the end of the sixteenth century. Originally published in 1898, it superseded the work of Augustin-Martin Lottin, published more than a century earlier, correcting errors, filling gaps, and extending Lottin’s directory with further names and addresses and family genealogies. Renouard also provided a map of the university quarter and city of Paris, marked with the locations of former publishing houses. This reprint contains much new, supplementary material, gathered by Jeanne Veyrin-Forrer and Brigitte Moreau, and is now the most authoritative source on the topic. Publishers’ retail price €61 (; link). ¶ Excellent copy.


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