Jayne (Sears Reynolds), born 1920

Library catalogues of the English Renaissance (St. Paul's bibliographies; 8)

Godalming, St. Paul's Bibliographies, 1983
(22.5 cm), xiv, 224 pp. Publisher’s cloth. - A descriptive list of 848 English libraries of the period 1500-1640, culled from original wills, probate inventories and other sources. The probate registries of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge yielded more than 250 lists of books owned by fellows of colleges (1506-1621). The author records unpublished lists of books belonging to Cardinal Pole, Sir John Harington, Anthony Babington, Sir Walter Raleigh, William Camden, and Sir Henry Spelman, not to mention eight unpublished booksellers’ inventories, including two of about 1520. Reprint of the previous edition (Berkeley & London 1956), with a new preface and notes. “This is certainly a book that should be read by anyone planning to visit or use an ancient library” (from a review of this reprint by Colin Davies, in The Times Literary Supplement, 8 July 1983, p.738). ¶ As new.


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Jayne, Sears Reynolds, born 1920