Campbell (Tony)

The Earliest printed maps 1472-1500

London, British Library, 1987
(26 cm), xi, 244 pp., colour frontispiece, 68 illustrations. Publisher’s cloth, dust jacket. - Describes 222 maps, for the most part found in books or atlases, of which 70% were printed in Italy. The earliest is a schematic world map published in Günther Zainer’s edition of the Etymologiae of Isidorus Hispalensis at Augsburg in 1472; the Geography of Ptolemy, represented here by four different editions, counts for more than 100 maps. “Campbell’s work can reasonably be described as the last word on the question of the first printed maps, in the light of present knowledge” (from a review by Mireille Pastoureau, in The Book Collector, Autumn 1989, pp.414-416). ¶ Superior copy in new condition.


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Book illustration - Cartography, 1455-1500
Campbell, Tony