Gingerich (Owen), born 1930
Harvard University, College Library

Collector's choice : a selection of books and manuscripts given by Harrison D. Horblit to the Harvard College Library : a Commencement exhibition for the Class of 1933

Cambridge, MA, Houghton Library, 1983
(25.5 cm), 45 (3) pp., 24 illustrations. 57 catalogue entries. Publisher’s printed wrappers. - The books are described by Owen Gingerich; “On the exhibition labels and in the catalogue that follows, I have tried to indicate the significance of each item either as a text or as an object, or both” (Introduction). Among the books described (and illustrated) are the 1474 Manilius, Astronomicon, copiously annotated by Sebastiano Serico of Saludecio; and the 1540 Rheticus Narratio prima, in a Sammelband of five 16th-century works, with on one of the pages a manuscript horoscope of Johann Schöner. Foreword by Harrison D. Horblit (1912-1988). ¶ Excellent, unmarked copy.

£ 10


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